Go Behind the Scenes at The Spieth Shootout and Charity Concert

Golfing legend Jordan Spieth keeps winning, year after year – and Encore Live keeps the pro on his toes every season with another unique celebration at the Spieth Shootout and Charity Concert. Built from great relationships and personal touches, this annual event reflects Spieth’s distinctive persona in a new and different way every year.

As event production professionals, we can’t stress enough how much we love working with clients over the course of multiple events. From an ease-of-work standpoint, collaboration on successive events allows both client and coordinator to build trust and good communication. For the past three years, working with Jordan Spieth and his team from the Spieth Family Foundation is a perfect example of this type of cooperative relationship.

After the PGA season concludes each year, the Spieth Family Foundation hosts an evening for friends, family and sponsors. The primary goal of the night is to raise awareness and financial support for youth with special needs, junior golf, and the military.

Every event brings new challenges, but by far the most enjoyable is developing new and creative design elements every year. The challenge of giving an appropriate nod to the obvious theme (golf) without being predictable or cliché makes our creative clocks tick.

We know that our efforts have succeeded when we hear a guest say, “Whoa, that’s cool!” – especially if he or she attends the party every season. We’ve impressed the crowd in the past by creating 3D prints of life-sized golf balls and tees, repurposing a golf leaderboard for silent auction updates, and turning the red carpet into a fairway green carpet.

Of course, we also make sure that Jordan feels like there are elements of this event that are an expression of himself. We accomplish that goal primarily in the concert portion of the night. Highlighting his Texas roots, Encore Live focuses on booking musical talent from Jordan’s favorite genre: Texas Country. The evening always ends with a great time on the dance floor, two-steppin’ to the likes of Wade Bowen, Pat Green, or even Randy Rogers.

Unique. Personal. 100% Customized. Whether you’re a sports legend or a regular in the sand trap, Encore Live will collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience that showcases your style and dazzles your guests. Please contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive event management and production services.

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