Go on tour with your executive team and ignite your employees’ enthusiasm with Encore Live’s Exec Connect Tour.

You could book yet another convention – or you could embark on a road trip adventure with your executives, traveling across the country to meet with employees right where they work. This unique tour for upper management is a brilliant new way to connect with your employees, communicate your message, and improve business performance.

On the Exec Connect Tour, you’ll roll into town like rock stars on a luxury coach and rally employees with a music concert-inspired meeting experience. Executives are transformed into headline performers at every stop, generating fresh excitement for your brand by creating a memorable, meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Case Study: Mattress Firm Makes Some Noise

For the past two years, Encore Live has helped national retailer Mattress Firm send their executives on the road to more than 75 stops in local markets across America. Retail stores are converted to Town Hall-style meeting spaces, and each event is promoted like a true rock concert.

Prior to the executives’ arrival, we create a social media buzz with the local employees leading up to the “big show” – just like a headline act on a national music tour. Inspired by the effective style of the popular “TED Talks” platform, meeting content is crafted and delivered in a brief and noninvasive fashion.

This intimate, concert-like setting is a comfortable atmosphere that makes speakers more relatable to their employees, like artists to fans. All of these elements come together to create a sense of family, purpose, and excitement.

Benefits for Both Executives & Employees

Traveling by coach on a multi-city tour provides benefits beyond the standard routine of flights and conventions. Reduced travel expenses mean that a majority of the budget can be used to develop a more effective message for employees. Your executives will have uninterrupted time and a distraction-free environment where they can bond and cultivate their relationships.

Your frontline employees will benefit from the Exec Connect Tour as well. When the meeting takes place in their community, employees experience a family-like unity, respect from the executives, and the magic of togetherness. The event’s concise message keeps employees focused and engaged. Since employees are not taken away from their location for unnecessary business travel, productivity is positively impacted.

Light the Fire & See Results

Hitting the road like a rock star with the upper management team has been proven to impact the company at all levels. Immediately after Mattress Firm’s Exec Connect Tour, sales performance increased. The retailer also saw a significant boost in employee morale, higher employee retention, and a greater sense of collaboration at the executive level. Tammy Friedeck, Communications Supervisor, shares her experience on the Exec Connect Tour:

“I’ve never seen a group of employees be more amazed than they were when a Mattress Firm tour bus pulled up in front of their store. The Bus Tour takes away some of the apprehension that comes with a leadership meeting and replaces that with sheer excitement and energy. It also creates an experience that our sales team and our leadership team will never forget.”

Are You Ready to Rock?

Take your team on tour with the help of Encore Live. We’ll take care of all the details, so that you can focus on delivering your company’s message. Please contact us today for more information about our Exec Connect Tour.

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