Enhancing the Encore Live Brand

In 2010, a dream turned into a reality when Walter Kinzie bought a domain, designed a logo and produced his first large event.

Fast forward to 2016: With a team of meeting experts and multiple large-scale events under its belt, Encore Live is a very different company from when it first began. Like all growing companies, expansion and evolution are necessary and we felt that our logo and brand presence needed an update.

Rather than completely starting over, we felt that our current logo just needed to be enhanced. Inspired by a ribbon, the Encore Live logo represents celebration, activation and excitement. By modifying the shape and colors of the ribbon, our logo 2.0 better reflects what the ribbon stands for. It’s not only an “e”, it’s a ribbon, it’s a motion, it’s an exclamation.

In addition to the logo, the brand as a whole has been revamped from the inside out. It’s been recharged with a bolder color palette, updated typography and a cleaner, easier to navigate website with a more direct, succinct and, at times, playful brand voice.

At Encore Live, we’re constantly searching for exciting new ways to innovate our company and lead the industry. Our updated logo and brand presence are just the beginning. Stay tuned for personal stories that showcase our services, highlight unique events and provide useful industry insights.

Can you feel the excitement? Join us on the upswing at Encore Live.

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