This New Logo Will Solve Our Problems, Right?

It’s one of the most widely shared experiences in modern corporate America. Times are tough. Nothing’s going right. Sales are slipping, morale is in the gutter. Inefficiencies abound, and everyone knows it. Then the CEO walks in the room with a quick solution that’s gonna fix it all: the new logo. Sometimes it’s accompanied by a new mission statement, or new company values.

Inevitably, it’s doomed to fail. Not because his heart’s in the wrong place. Not even because the logo’s bad, or the aspirational goals aren’t worthy of striving for, but because there’s no plan to make any of it actually translate into reality.

So everyone goes back to the same problems, the same inefficiencies, the same lack of positive energy, just with a fresh coat of paint on the walls. And the disconnect between the leadership team and the employees scattered across thousands of cubicles, or retail locations hundreds of miles apart, remains completely unsolved. That’s exactly what happened to our imaginary tech company, Intuition Enterprises.

Leaders who face sweeping cultural problems—or leaders who just want to make smart investments in their culture—need to know that there’s a better way to bring people together and start building something real.

It’s the power of experience.

Here at Encore Live, our partnership with Mattress Firm laid the blueprint for how to turn around company culture in a way that drives immediate results.

When their CEO called us during the most important sales season of his year and said he needed a way to motivate his retail employees, the solution we created paved the way for years of sustained success.

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