Journey with us into the boardrooms of your competition.

We believe in the power of experience—but not everyone shares this belief. This video series was made to poke a little fun at the timidity and short-sightedness that has plagued companies, well, forever.


The Parade That Wasn’t

If the bigwigs at Watson’s Department Store had listened to their secretary, perhaps they’d still be around today.

Don’t Be This Company:

Watson’s Department Store rejects the marketing idea of the century.

Beat This Company:

The Encore Live team discusses why experiential ideas can be uniquely effective in engaging consumers.


Everyone Knows Events Don’t Sell Energy Drinks!

The top brass at XXXTreme Quench Energy convene for an important meeting. Will they be smart enough to embrace experiential thinking?

Don’t Be This Company:

XXXTreme Quench Energy thinks it found the lightning bolt that changes everything.

Beat This Company:

Encore Live says nothing happens overnight, but visionary leadership teams are making intentional steps toward building an experiential strategy.


This New Logo Will Solve Our Problems, Right?

In the face of declining sales, poor employee retention and low morale, Intuition Enterprises’ CEO shows his team the big idea that will solve it all.

Don’t Be This Company:

Intuition Enterprises bets it all on a new logo.

Beat This Company:

Encore Live talks about how the smartest companies use custom experiences to drive cultural transformation.

Dive Deeper

The Encore team discusses why they created this series, and how the power of experience sets successful companies apart.

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