From One Comment to Conference Magic

It all started with an offhand comment from a bus driver:

“You’d never have these problems with Encore Live.”

It was 2015, and AcuSport was having issues with transportation to their corporate meetings. As frustrated executives in the front of the coach lamented their situation, the bus driver made a comment that would lead to an incredible partnership.

Encore Live’s involvement with AcuSport began soon after, and what started as transportation support quickly grew into a full-fledged partnership. We produced their conference in 2016 and will be producing two more in 2017. By reimagining their conference design, we have freshened their brand’s image and improved their client relations.

The Goal: Persuade Clients to Adopt CLX System

AcuSport’s main objective was to provide a CLX computer system to their clients that allows retailers to access their account, add products to their cart, and keep their shelves filled. It’s a big change from the pen-and-paper system that many of the retailers prefer.

Working with AcuSport as a partner, our task was to determine how to market this modern CLX system at conferences, and how to present it as a useful tool instead of complicated new technology.

A New Look & Fresh Approach

We knew that retailers and attendees wanted to see something different, so we worked with AcuSport to heavily update their design and enhance their company image. We threw out the standard pipe-and-drape conference booth in favor of a customized stage with a grand entrance. We also helped them move away from a networking/trade show focus to an educational approach, with customer interaction as its centerpiece.

Planning and producing AcuSport’s 2016 conference included a complete collection of services, including:  

  • Custom Stage, Grand Entrance, Rigging, and Registration Table
  • Presentation Design and Speech/Stage Presence Coaching
  • First-Ever Live Streaming Conferences for Education and Management Training
  • Online Registration Management to Track Attendance
  • Redesign of Conference Logo
  • Video Marketing Tools
  • Personal Transportation and Concierge Service
  • Catering and Accommodations

The Encore Live Difference

Our partnership with AcuSport has made a big difference in their business by improving their relationships with retailers and manufacturers. Updating the company’s image and conference approach has energized the brand, its employees, and its clients.

At Encore Live, we know what works for the modern market. As a young company, we’re in touch with today’s consumers – and we stay one step ahead of trends with innovative strategies and solutions.

Whether your company needs a complete conference package or an individual service, we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We know that little things can matter a big deal. After all, sometimes a single comment by a bus driver can instigate a profound business partnership.

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